Hey all,

I’m Gabri and this is my personal blog. While I work in Video Collaboration Technologies, this blog is just my hobby where I write about technology, books, personal finance and whatever else is of my interest in life.

More details here below.

  • I was born and raised in Italy.
  • Started using a computer at 3 years old but never learned how to program.
  • Instead, while being passionate about multiplayer online games, a started learning about servers, networks and how people can communicate with each other on internet.
  • While in school I worked as an intern in various small businesses (computer shop, satellite TV and cabling contractors).
  • Focused to become a networking guru, I got my CCNA Routing & Switching during my senior year.
  • Started my career with focus on networking but casually landed into the video collaboration world on my second day of work (and loved it!!!).
  • Beside my core industry, I’ve been involved in many activities related to servers, networks, wireless, firewalls, virtualization and cloud.
  • Had the fortune to work on very cool (and big!) worldwide projects with names like “Dolce & Gabbana”, “Luxottica”, “Prada”, etc.
  • Moved to the US after an opportunity to lead the expansion of my employer on the west side of the big pond.
  • Since then I’ve moved on and started focusing more on the business side of things (aka Sales Engineer).
  • I keep my technical skills sharp at home by running a small server rack and keep learning with books.
  • I like investing in general (mainly dividends index funds..), personal finance and cryptocurrencies (yes, I got into crypto-mining but learned tons of cool stuff too!!).
  • If possible, I embrace open source and follow the Unix philosophy/KISS principle in every aspect of my life.
  • This blog is self-hosted alongside other cool things I like to play with.

That’s it!